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Valhalla Futures / Will Scheier

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I have been hot and cold with Will's method over the last few months. I think much of his system relies on experience, especially scalping experience. In reality, I don't like scalping that much - I have tried it several times and am not that great at it. I cannot achieve the same results as Will and have decided to move back to looking for only a couple of trades a day where I am more comfortable. Also, I am focusing on my trading psychology now, not just the method and am much more comfortable with my trading.

It is hard to admit when we are wrong, it's human nature. It is very hard when it cost us 3000.00 to be wrong, that's THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS. It was hard for me to admit it to myself. His system does rely on experience, and he is very experienced in making inquiring minds believe that they are one of only a hand full of people that he will let into his course. He is very experienced in making people believe that his THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR course is full of new trading knowledge, the 8-10 week course is nothing but a review of his 50.00 book (a good read mind you, just nothing new, reinvention of the trade wheel), oh that's right there were 2 times that he taught "Serial Sequen" (?SP), which basically just counts waves and puts a number above each new high. He is very experienced at teaching you everything about confluence between his indicators, on the 1 Min chart. Everything is taught on the one minute chart, and then in the chat room he makes all his trades on a tick chart (WHAT THE F#%$). And there is never confluence between his indicators when he calls a trade, a trade that you cannot follow. He is very experienced giving his lessons in 1 hour webinars, Wednesdays, and repeats it on Sundays, if you ask a question, he belittles you in front of the other class members, telling you to not ask that question, just listen and your question will be addressed in the lecture. Most do not ask questions much after the first thrashing, and when they do they are walking on eggshells, or kissing his ass thinking they don't want to spoil a relationship that is teaching them the holy grail. No offence BeachTrader, we have all been "Hot and Cold" with different trading methods. The bottom line is the book was not worth 3000.00, THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS. We are here in this Forum to get help, and give back after taking that help (at least I am). So please take a big deep breath, let the pain move through you, admit it. Then give back to other traders that may be close to dropping THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS (That's 3000.00 $$$). Pay it forward. The only thing I have ever purchased in my endeavor to learn how to trade, that was worth anywhere near 3000.00 is the 100.00 that I paid to be an elite member here on this forum. Please PAY IT FORWARD........

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