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Greetings form the UK!

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Greetings form the UK!

Hello everyone,

I am relatively new to the world of trading and am in need of advice form the more experienced.

Before I start my part-time career day trading Brent crude I will need to set up account with a reputable broker - this has been an absolute nightmare for me for the past 2 months. Everytime I thought I'd found an ideal broker I would discover something about them that wasn't desirable and the search would carry on.

So could anyone recomend a broker who can:
- offer me DMA access to CFD Brent crude and WTI oil (I don't want a broker who secretely takes the otherside of my trades)
- That hedges ALL the trades.
- Has sound financial backing and isn't at risk or collapse.
- Protects my money in a seggregated account
- Offers a software package people are happy with

There's probably many other considerations to look for but as I said I am relatively new.

Since I am based in the UK I originally thought I might set up a CFD account with Barclays, but the reviews aren't great and their prices are high. Then I considered IG Markets, their costs are low and they claim to offer DMA for CFDs, so I opened an account then read the small print - it clearly states they will take the other side of my trades, they are in effect a bookie. Also IG reviews aren't great.
I thought I'd finally found the ideal broker with FP Markets, they offer CFD DMA, low fees, great software, Hedge EVERY trade - - but they dont provide access to Brent Crude -Arghhh!!

I am now considering Global Futures, but I don't know much about them - Can anyone suggest suitable Brokers?


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