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Register for their forum and they give some methods there for trading this chart as well as a lot of journals, screenshots etc. I have not purchased the webinar but I have bought previous indies from them and made similar stuff myself (google trollman on forex factory for the origins of the Cyrox stuff) and I am currently trying out the power chart with signals. I am not sure what I think of the signals yet just watching...I would imagine the triggers are based on Guppy methods or wavelets like his other stuff (good stuff - the Cyrox stuff has always been solid)

edit: Just read some stuff by Cyrinus on his forum where he stated that the signals were not based on Guppy. So he would be the one to know.... Anyway with further testing I have found the signals to be excellent. If you trade forex you might want to take a look.

.... the tick chart is really good though because it is so smooth. The 1/10 pip flow makes it really nice. You can see moves build before they take off - sometimes This is what I like to look at - a real detail chart but you can be zoomed out. - You can't really zoom this you can just let more time go by to have a busier chart....if that makes sense. Ninja could never get this right.

Ctl + or - to make the chart bigger or smaller (just size not zoom)

This is for hard core scalping, though. Watch the chart for a high probabilty entry then watch your P&L once you are in. P&L is the original no lag indicator... Read that last sentence again. If you get 2 pips then don't be afraid to take them. Don't let a winner turn into a loser because you are waiting for a "bigger" move. Usually you won't take much of a retracement just get out with profit and come back for more. They recommend (I agree) to stick with one pair and double a demo account at least once before going live...

instructions per website -

-watch Cyrox Power Chart and pay attention to h-lines (for control and to avoid flat market)
-pay attention to spread (to avoid bad market)

-using real-time S/R
-using h-lines
-watch u p&l and exit

-using real-time S/R
-using h-lines
-watch u p&l and exit

also pick a time slot (an hour or two) and trade the same slot every day -

Ideal Time Slots:
01:00-02:00 CST
02:00-03:00 CST

06:00-07:00 CST
07:00-08:00 CST

10:00-11:00 CST
11:00-12:00 CST

Peak Volume:
up - 00:00,01:00,02:00 CST
down - 03:00,04:00,05:00 CST
up - 06:00,07:00,08:00,09:00 CST
down - 10:00,11:00,12:00,13:00 CST
up - 19:00,20:00 CST

General Daily Trading:
00:00 -14:00 CST
18:30 - 20:30 CST

do you use his service?

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