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Thanks again Rahul

I see the cycle, any disruption in your belief system makes the brain to biologically trigger the emotions. The emotions affects our thinking, and our thoughts determine our behavior and then our actions. But it is through our thoughts how we can know our beliefs.

As you said every emotion has a breathing signature as well as other physical sensations and feelings. If we are fearful our breathing becomes shallow or we even hold our breath, our heart starts beating up faster. If we are anxious or fearful, we can feel sensations at the throat or the chest or the upper stomach, if we are upset or angry the sensations would be located mainly at the middle of the stomach, and then we enter the fight or flight mode response. I have journaled all those different sensations depending if I am in the flight mode or if I am in the fight mode.

We cannot avoid all this, since this is engrained into our biological responses. However, we can regulate them by changing the breathing, starting to breath deeply and diaphragmatically, and also applying the self soothe visualization. In fact, IŽve been training myself in that aspect. I made some videos of the beautfiul beaches at Tulum, Mayan Riviera, Mexico. I do the breathing exercise while I am watching the videos and I introduced ocean sound to the videos, so everything gets connected in my mind. So once I start breathing deeply while trading. my mind can recall the beautiful and clear blue sea of the videos with the sound of the ocean and waves as the self soothing element.

In that state, we can trade from the couch or the observer, looking at our thoughts as something that our brain is producing, acknowledging our emotions, feelings and sensations and it that way understanding our beliefs. As you said, once we understand and know what are our beliefs, weŽll be able to alter them, only till we reach that mindfulness aspect we will be able to alter the beliefs.

However, what is still not that clear to me is how to peform the last part of the whole process which is exactly how to alter the beliefs, so that I start creating new neural-circuits in my brain. This is the last part of the process where I still have doubts on how to do it.

Our emotions will determine the certainty of our beliefs and thoughts. If we are fearful, then that will lead to the certainty of losing, wether if we are confident, that will lead to beliefs that we can trade profitability no matter how the market present itself and no matter how many losing trades we can have as part as our trading system, but to get that confidence we need to alter the belief system, but it is exaclty that very last part of the process where I am still not that sure of how to do it.

Any advice?


you are making fantastic progress in understanding and regulating emotions. Next is developing Mindfulness. I am not sure how much ZEN practice you have done in the past but being Mindful to your thoughts is critical in getting to your beliefs. Have you started observing your thoughts ? When I was practicing with a ZEN teacher, he gave me a mindfulness exercise which worked really well for me, here it goes
1) Sit with your back straight
2) your knees should be lower than your hip , so that you can breathe deep and expand your belly.
3) Take deep belly breath and expand to your chest, release slowly ( 5 to 10 times )
4) Have a clock with seconds hand on a wall at your eye level
5) sit and passively focus on the seconds hand as it moves around
6) watch the thoughts as they develop, see them outside of you. Ask the question , who is observing the thought ?

Once you develop the ability to observe your thoughts and see them apart from you, your observer aspect will be developed. You may start examining the validity of the thought and which voice in your mind (belief) is responsible for the thought.


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