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Rande Howell's Material Psychology (www.tradersstateofmind.com)

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I have worked with Rande Howell and taken the Ignite program. This goes beyond Mark Douglas in a practical sense with emotional regulation, mindfulness and belief system. Please note I already do Zen meditation / Vipasana / kriya yoga etc. But the main difference with Rande is how he use thougths to identify the belief system instead of ignoring or pushing them into nothingness as in regular meditation. Unless you meditate and attain enlightenment , where you realize the truth and forego your beliefs and opinions, you will have to deal with them to realize the possibilities outside your comfort zone .
If you experience fear while trading, you have to look into understanding emotions and how to regulate them. i have tried nlp, hypnosis, cybernetics , neuro feedback , binural beats , light and sound machines etc but until you adress the core, they will sneak up on you. Rande is a wonderful human being and good teacher.

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