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Alpha Wave Trader
I took the Alph Wave class over two years ago and it really helped my trading. I did the PHD program with Investtools and wasted thousands of dollars signing up and then going to their seminars around the country ect.. and never made any money. When I signed up for the PHD program the instructor told me and the other person that he would personally make sure we were successful. I never heard from him again. I've done Tradeguider, Keene on the Mkts, DTI and the list goes on. The thing is with all trading rooms, it is like going to a zoo. Everyone likes something different. I know there have been very successful traders in every one of the trading companies I have listed. They just didn't work out for me.

In learning the Alpha Wave Method, what was taught made sense to me and I could see the trades and follow the rules for trading. I learned and made the trades even more conservative and with better ratios (2-1, 3-1 etc) than are shown in the trading room. When Alla is demonstrating her method, she is trying to attract new students. I haven't listened in some time, I think she posts and says her calls are for demonstration only. She just makes calls as she sees. She doesn't trade live or in Sim. When there have been posts that she called winners and losers incorrectly, it does occur, but I believe it is done accidentally.

I believe Alla is one of the best traders I have ever seen. Some of us love what we learned from her. There have been students that say they are very successful. As I said, it is a zoo and we all like different personalities and trading styles.

In the beginning, I thought anyone could just follow her calls and do very well trading. After taking her class, I took very few of the calls she made. They were very aggressive. She is trading very aggressively just to show her ability to make the calls in the right direction and market to obtain new students.

I have met her and her family in person. They are a very nice family and I enjoyed the time I spent with them. I like what I learned from her and plan on always following her method.


Like Lauren Bacall, you got me when you said Trading Rooms are like a and how true. I love it how passionate some of the people in (formerly BMT) get about their opinions. I learned in the Army that opinions are like a** holes, everyone's got one. I've never had any time for forums before so I make a lot of protocol mistakes here, for which I am sternly corrected very quickly.

I just wanted to put my 2 bits in about Allah Peters. She sounds like she is making love to the

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