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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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Juno Beach
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I strongly advise you stay away from ALL of these places. Look, I don't want to tout futures.io (formerly BMT) as the best place ever, but you really can learn a lot more from this forum (and for free, or the price of a small donation -- very tiny in comparison to these other sites) than you can learn from these other sites selling indicators or trade calling services. That is not to be said one of these places may be worthwhile, but for the most part, no one can sell you something that is going to make you a better trader, no matter what that something is. You asked for my advice so there it is.

Now, I'll be honest. I doubt most people reading this thread will heed my advice. Most people reading a thread like this are new, inexperienced traders, who are looking for a shortcut. I've been there. I was even a member of a trading room for two or three months when I was less experienced. I was looking for a short cut back then, although I didn't have the experience yet to even know that. There is no shortcut to trade profitably long term. The two are incompatible. If you are serious and fully committed to trading for a living, then stop spending time looking for the holy grail, and start focusing on building your own experience by doing and learning for yourself.



I do believe that a good, key work good trading mentor can either shorten ones learning curve, or at least allow one to realize before spending over 200,000 to learn how to trade (that was my education cost with no mentor). Also, if nothing else, a good mentor will teach his traders how to protect their precious capital first and for most while learning to trade. Trading is not for everybody, and most are not willing to do the work that it takes to learn either.


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