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Rande Howell's Material Psychology (www.tradersstateofmind.com)

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I first watched a Rande Howell webinar and I found his approach very interesting and practical.

I decided to read his book and I am about to finish it, and I like it since he explains very easily and according to his approach on what is needed to swtich from being a succesful sim trading to a succesful live trading.

However, the most important part or the way he suggests for a person to become a succesful trading is through developing the needed archetypes we all have inside of us. But he does not say in his book how to do that. He mentions a lot his main seminar and as teamtc247 mentions is only a hook for us to take his course.

So I got upset when I read that knowing how to develop the needed archetypes for trading was beyond the scope of the book, because the title of the book mentions mastering your inner self, so anybody or at least I thought, the book was going to tell you how to do that, but it says practically that in order for you to know that you must take his Ignite Your Spark Training course for Traders course which cost more than $3 k

So, has anybody taken any of his courses? Since the archetypes he describes is not something he discovered but it comes from the beginnings of psychology with Carl Jung, I guess we could find in the internet material on how to develop those needed archetypes and not paying more than $3k.

In fact he mentions that he took all this approach through the Carol Pearson work in this subject. And he says that at Pearsonīs book: "Awakening the heroes within 12 archetypes..." is also mentioned how to develop those archetypes

Has anybody read that book or has it?

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