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Rithmic feed and rissues

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Japhro, up until your last few posts and Matt's confirming the issue, it sounded as if you had a personal ax to grind with Rithmic. Thanks for informing the community. Not that it matters but I didn't find anything wrong with Matt's commentary. He knows more about Rithmic then most, so why not welcome his or anyone else's input? If Mike has a problem with it he will handle it.

There were 2 problems. 1. @mattz made the comment that he was happy things were resolved. Nothing was resolved. The issue was that due to data feed outages the original poster was out "a small, but annoying" amount of money. Further, the original poster was lamenting the possible need to change data feeds. @Japhro did not post that he recovered his money, nor did he post that he had found an acceptable replacement for his data - although he did mention CTS T4 had served him well in the past. In other words, nothing was resolved. The original poster is still of the opinion that Rithmic is not as solid as it once was, the money is still gone, and based on the information to this point in the thread, the search for better data continues. 2. Matt, oblivious to the poster's situation, kept replying with insinuation that the problem was not with Rithmic - a company for which he is a vendor.

I'm sure all intentions were good and I hope the data feed issues are solved.

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