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Rithmic feed and rissues

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Don't get me wrong, help is always welcome, but Matt was insisting that the issue was somehow on my broker's end, and insinuating that he does more for his customers, when it simply wasn't the case at all.

My experience prior to this year was excellent with Rithmic, but things have gone south since and I want that to be out there.

This industry is very private about problems that cost people money, acting like it never happens but it does regularly.

Look at the fine print on your broker's and the execution side's disclosures, they take a maximum $50 liability for anything that goes wrong. My personal experience is that the platform guys blame the feed guys, the feed guys blame the platform, the brokers blame anyone but themselves etc.

You'll never see these admissions in public, ever. I feel like it's fine to shed some light on it, and if people object, then too bad.

Everyone's perception is based on their experience of things.

I am not about passing the blame to anyone, rather than finding a solution to issues with whoever I work with. No broker, feed, platform is perfect, but we all work together in order to make your experience better. Things come up, sometimes the most inconvenient things, and we must work together to resolve them patiently (and that includes you as a customer).

I came and admitted that Rithmic had an issue, but the reason I thought that you had an issue alone, was because we did not have such an issue. As it turns out, not all FCMs had that issue. Regardless, I gave you good advice.
Your broker could have placed manual fills for you, so it could you are flat or long/short the right with the correct number of lots.

You think that we don't admit to things and have some "secret society"? I blast platforms, feeds and back office daily to make things better for customers. Sometimes I am more frustrated than you with issues that I see.
But, I don't look to start "fights", rather resolve things and get the job done. complaining get's nowhere.

The customer is always right. always! you taught me a lesson in perception.
Maybe I should have written the reply more technically. Will try to do as such in the future.

like I always say "some day you win, some days you learn!"
Today I have learned.


PM with any questions about optimusfutures (800) 771-6748 (561) 367 8686. THERE IS A SUBSTANTIAL RISK OF LOSS IN FUTURES TRADING.
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