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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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Thank you, Slipknot511. That is a nice summary, hard to argue with what you said. I'll risk to add a couple of remarks:

1. "Difficult" is too vague of a term. When somebody tells me that it is difficult I want to know more: why? in what way?. After all if it is easier job than US Presidents, we now know that any idiot can do it no problem. So if it is not intellect that requires to be a good trader or a regular president of US, than what?

2. There are fake guru's and a lot of them who are exploiting "strong emphasis on psychology and money management coupled with a strong de-empahsis of the importance of methodology" demand. Not to insult anyones feelings, but I can name a few that were highly regarded in this thread. To illustrate I'll mention only one such fake guru - L2ST Kam: he would not offer you an easy road to riches but an easy road to learning and conquering the psychological aspects of the trade for example. I couldn't complete his expensive 3 day course, had to quit after 3 hours, exhausted from his constant bragging and thousands of "OK's". Like Van Tharp himself Kam is a proud "NLP (and all other new wave discipline's) certified practitioner" and will try to hypnotize you and cure all of your problems in a very funny and naive sounding way. There are many others as well that will take your money promising what they have no clue how to do.

P.S.fiki mentioned a truly good teacher that is not absolutely free anymore, but he is still good though.
P.P.S. Where it come to trading methodology, I will concur on MarketDelta free video's and pdf's. These a truly good. The psychological aspects of the business are best covered by Brett N. Steenbarger in my opinion. He is a no BS professional and doesn't do voodoo magic. If you'd like to turn to hypnosis still, do not expect to fall in trance after listening to Van Tharp L2ST etc. It will save you time and money to use a professional here as well, thou on the surface it seems more expensive. But at least you'll get what you are looking for.

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