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Intermarket Analysis Resources?

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To answer your question, anyone would need to know

- which instruments you intend to trade
- what timeframes you are looking at

My time frame is swing to intermediate.

I don't trade individual stocks, prefering index etfs and futures, but out side of that I'll trade just about anything: commodities, currencies, interest rates, equities. I like to look at everything, and keep an eye out for excellent setups. If I see one, I take it.

One of my favorite things to do is to find to things that have nice setups in the same direction, and then find a sector that marries them. In theory, this should improve the odds for success. For example, I'm currently projecting short term upward action in stocks AND commodities, with agricultural being particularly strong among the commodities. So I'm long the agricultural sector ETF PAGG.

Let's say, I was projecting stocks downward and interest rate yields up. I would then look to short interest rate sensitive sectors, like utilities. That sort of thing.

Where intermarket analysis came in for the PAGG play is The dollar appears to be bouncing off of major resistance at 89 and the euro off major support at 1.18. If the dollar corrects here, I would imagine that would be bullish for both stocks and commodities.

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Intermarket relationships are difficult to grasp, because once a positive correlation between two instruments is established, it can quickly revert to neutral or negative. So you cannot analyze any intermarket relationships without using filters, which are basically derived from sentiment indicators.

I know. This is why I want to out source this to a professional. I'm confident in my ability to do TA. I'm less confident in my ability to read when an intermarket relationship is working and when it's broken. I'm looking for some one who can tell me that.

I found "Afraid To Trade's Weekly Inter-Market Technical Report." I read the sample report for December 2009. There were many things I liked about it, but there was just one problem -> there was no inter-market analysis! The report was just technical analysis of various different markets. Outside of once or twice mentioning "these markets are correlated", there was no break down of how the markets effect each other, if the relationships are holding up, etc. While the technical analysis was actually pretty good, it was not what I was looking for. I'm perfectly capable of doing my own TA.

I just started a trial subscription with "Inter-Market Relationships Analysis." I read the first report this morning. It was much closer to what I'm looking for. I'll have to read a few more reports before I form a more complete opinion, but so far it does not appear to offer as clear and concise details on how to trade off of the information they provide as Bob Hoye does. It is pretty interesting though. I'll let you know how it goes.

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