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The Electronic Local method

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Whenever I see someone post a "setup" I like to investigate it. See if I can find value in it or if the person just cherry picked a great example. I used to do this a lot but as I got settled in to my methods I lost interest in doing it. I'm just curious if anyone has tried it.

His blog was always weird to me because it was supposed to be about teaching kiki to trade but I didn't find anything useful in the key posts I read that would teach someone anything. But that's just me, maybe others find value in it.

You raise a good point with one chart & one timeframe. I'm currently investigating this myself. Well I need two charts so I can use a volume ladder. The problem with multiple timeframes is there is usually a timeframe that is not in agreement with the others and that makes me second guess myself. Say 2/3 are bearish but the one in between those is bullish. Confusing. However when all timeframes line up it can make a really trade setup. In my charts I have that right now with the daily, 135min, & 15min all signaling bearish cycles. However the 45min is bullish!

So I'm experimenting by trading Eurostoxx & Euro with one tick chart. Wait, my POT indicator has its own chart too cause it needs a fast chart. But that doesn't count because it's time-frame independent (gives same signals on any timeframe).

I tried your trading style for a while but for me it was too much information to be looking at, too many charts and, like you said, too many "if's". I like the "simple is better" way of doing things and that's why I'm trying EL's setup and I like it.

His blog turned out to be something else than just teaching Kiki, as I believe Kiki reached CP after a few months and EL continues on posting his "business as usual" trades like he did since the beginning. She's a programmer and they are developing an automated trading method so you can also see some posts and trades about this.

About finding anything useful on his posts, he's not hiding anything and everything you need is on the blog. All the setups are there, you just have to put in the work and look at all the charts. I did it, it takes A LOT of your time but I found them. And most important, I made them my own, with my own analysis and by trying them LIVE and SIM.

He believes that to become a trader you have to "put in the work" and that's why he doesn't just give you setup's. But they're all there.

About the charts:
I use an MP chart for context (support/resistance) and another for the ladder (VPOC/order flow), which is my microscope. But I spend most of my time looking at the range bars as they eliminate most of the "noise". I also look at candlestick patterns like the "hanging men" or the "hammer" for price acceptance/rejection.

Here's my Friday trades (nr3 was horrible):

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