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I am not from the US, so I am asking for advice. Some time ago I sat in the Puretick free webinar, for about 20 minutes, and decided he Alex had no idea beyond what his indicators showed him. A few days later Tiffany had contacted me and i said I wasnt interested. During the brief pause i reaserched Alex and clncluded from what I read there was too much negative press. When Tiffany contacted me i told her i was not interested and that i didnt feel the service was legit. Less than 24 hours later i received abusive emails from Alex, and I admittedly engaged him, a liitle shocked at what i was reading. Eventually i just stopped writing to him to justify my decision not to take on his service. About three or so weeks pass by and on friday, i grt another offensive email from him, and they dont stop. Hes a madman, he must be.

I would like to post the email transactions so people can see the type of person he is. I dont know if that would set me up to be sued; everybody sues someone here it seems; no offense. In any case I am going to be doing what ever i can to report Alex.


Honestly if you are a citizen and resident of another country. Its much harder for someone to take legal action against you. For example a Chinese Citizen vs a US citizen. They must apply international legal regulations and any documents can not be sent directly to the other party or their lawyer. They must be sent through the High court of china and then passed down to the individual. This is my personal knowledge not legal advice. However I doubt that due the increased cost, complexity and length of proceedings. Attempting to sue you for slander (which is what I am assuming you will be threatened with). The costs will heavily out weight and sort of settlement. Also you are not slandering him by posting direct quotes and allowing others to gleen what they gleen from it. If you make statements about him that are false, then yes. But again you are subject to the laws and regulations of your home country, not his. AGAIN THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE, CONSULT LEGAL COUNSEL IF YOU HAVE ANY SERIOUS QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS.

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