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path of a future order

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what exactly do you mean with data feed data center? A data feed as I understand it provides you with trading data and does not handle your orders. Your broker is the first one to handle your order (ignoring the fact that you put into a program and transmit it via the internet to him).


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hello, i'm not sure i am in the right section but i need to ask it somewhere...

I would like someone to explain to me the path of a future order between my computer, the data feed data center, my broker servers, the exchange and the clearing firm.

If the data feed data center route my order to the exchange, how does my broker check if i'm not violating is margin requirement?

I'm france located and a Eurex trader. If have an U.S. broker, but a UK data provider data center, how much back and forth between the broker's servers and the data provider's before it sents my order to the exchange?

I'm a manual scalper and i am concerned about to much latency in the sending of my orders... (wich will happen if my signal cross the atlantic several times)

That would be great if someone could enlight me!

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