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Valhalla Futures / Will Scheier

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Finished his course about a month ago.

His market knowledge is great, I like his support and resistance indicators. I will post a more in depth evaluation when I have more time. So just a quick eval and recommendation. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY. yes he has a chat room that he kind of calls his trades out ahead of time. This is an example of how it sounds when he makes a trade call- "selling the next push up" then next reply something like this "Filled at 10.09". OK, so i am looking at the chart (my chart) and thinking how did he get that fill at the top of the bar to the tick and it was only there for a split second. Then his next reply "out at 10.01, + .8. Well this is all great except you never see him make the trade, he just calls out trades very close to the example I gave you. Very rare VERY RARE does he say will sell at 10.09 limit so you can actually see if the trade really works. He never actually lets you see him trade. Anyone with good market knowledge can do what he does in terms of making calls like that. I want to be certain here that I am not accusing him of lying. I will say this, at the end of almost every day he states he is up 2, 5, 9 points in the TF, and also some trades in ES and YM and NQ. Only a few, very few days of tiny losses. If you could make 3, 5 9 points in the TF almost every single day would you be tradeing 1,2,3 lots for a trade room or trading 5, 10 20 lots from your beachfront balcony? After you pay your THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS for his course, he will tell you he does not care if you don't believe him. Before I took the course I was led to believe that I would be able (with certainty) to observe via chat room, or see that the trades he was making were real---NOT. You never see him trade, you never see an equity run, nothing. There are so many holes in this that I could go on and on. I put every waking moment, hundred of hours into his method, listened to all the other comments from other traders in the chat room, and some traders that had come back years later, and it sounded to me that the only one making any money was Will Scheier. PS: I guess after this post gets around to him, i will not be allowed in the room or the course again I have been touching base on this site(Big Mike's) for a few years now, and am so happy that I finnally have something real to offer. Became an Elite member yesterday.

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