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Intermarket Analysis Resources?

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Intermarket Analysis Resources?

Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this.

I recently read John Murphy's "Intermarket Technical Analysis - Trading Strategies For The Global Stock, Bond, Commodity, And Currency Markets". I found it a very interesting topic, and even though it was written 20 years ago, it still appears to apply today.

I would like to get some assistance with inter-market analysis, or even "out source" it fully, freeing me to spend my limited time concentrating on what trades I'm going to make within the current inter-market picture. What resources would you recommend, paid or free, for inter-market analysis?

I did a trial subscription to Bob Hoye's Institutional Advisers newsletter, and it was pretty good. They start with the credit markets, and expand from there to develop their thesis. I'm considering subscribing, but I want to explore my options before making a commitment.

Any help you could give would be great. Thanks!

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