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the trade desk and delta timing service

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the trade desk and delta timing service

This company is called Trade Desk-Cavida Inc. owned by Daniel Dowling. He calls himself David online and is based out of Clemmons, NC. The actual address is a PO Box in McLeansville, NC.
I was a member of Daniel Dowling’s trade desk for a year. He promotes trading in the S&P Emini futures. His method in trading is risking 5 tics for a 2 tic gain, in other words, risking 1.25 points for .5 gain. The math doesn't add up. People have lost a lot of money.
He goes by the name David w/ no last name but I his actual name is Daniel Dowling. He will not give his real name or address or allow you to come watch him trade. I live near him and have tried.
To join his trade desk, you pay $200/mo. & if you want his training, it's $3000 for 5-6 hours (ridiculous). Which you don’t know until after you’ve paid it.
David (Daniel) promoted trading in the first and last hour b/c of high volume but that didn’t happen most of the time.
Another thing he would do is if he was in a losing trade, he would move his trading pad off of the screen so we could not see it. A few minutes later, he would put it back and all of a sudden he was up several hundred dollars. He did this by averaging up and trying to reduce his cost. However, he would start at 2 contracts and buy up to 20 or 30 contracts, in order to get out of the trade. This is something none of us could do trading live; it was misleading.
David (Daniel) is continuing to mislead everyone in the trade desk, we were supposed to be trading with him. Even though his contract states that he doesn’t tell us when to get in and out of trades, he did it anyway; not surprising, we lost money. He only showed us his "live" trading pad once but always showed us his "practice" trading pad which was not live and not real. He claimed there was some trading policy that would not allow him to show it. If we traded "live" we could not emulate the trades that he made on his practice trading pad because there was a time difference using the “simulated” trading pad versus the “live” pad. I tried his method for a while but like others, in the trade desk, I tried to come up with my own method b/c his did not work!
I lost thousands of dollars b/c of him and his method. Stay away from David (Daniel Dowling), the trade desk and Kirby Cooper (Delta Timing Service).

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