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Required Day Trading margin

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to trade the CT, S, ZW, ZC, ZS , LB, LE, OJ, etc...

Can someone please tell me what the required Day trade margin(s) are to trade these various Commodities , as well as what each .01 , ,10 , $1 move in the various commodities, equates to, in terms of profit/loss ?
Example, a 1 tick move on the ES = $12.50 , so what would a 1 tick ( .10 cent move in Cotton be worth ) to me as a trader, trading cotton ( CT ) ?

Thanks much for the help

P.S. If someone has a Link to a site that simplifies and breaks down what I'm looking for, please post/attatch it.
I really appreciate it

You can find all product and contract specifications as well as tick size and margin requirements by starting out here:

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