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Joel Parker's review

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Many vendors will often promote their product saying that its worth x thousands of $'s however that's them saying it of course they'd say that, I think to JP's credit he doesn't do that. From my review of what I could find is that this vendor teaches an interesting topic and he knows his stuff.

I think the value really comes from the ability to verify that other people are making money with the system.

My two cents is that if you're really thinking about sinking the money into it, you should perhaps contact some of the people who've bought the system and see if they've been able to consistently make money through it's use. If all you see is good reviews and no ability to contact the users making the reviews it should be obvious what's going on. I've never bought a system but if I were interested that's probably what I'd do is see if others are really making money live. Just because the actual teacher is able to verify that they're making consistent making money doesn't mean that anyone is going to make money using their system if he doesn't have the ability to accurately articulate what he's doing so it's able to be replicated. So take that into account.

Take note I haven't read this thread or anything about this vendor, I just wanted to comment on this post because I had that thought about contact that might help.


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