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So i visited the free trial that was offered this week.

First of all, i am surprised there is very little information on "acetrades" out there considering how long he has been around.

Mr. Ace usually shows no charts, only talks a lot and posts a few numbers here and there in a hotcomm chat (he actually did show indicator-free charts on a few brief occasions).
It was not clear to me if the numbers posted were supposed to mean straight numbers for entries or just potential entries, or maybe areas.
He also posted 'risk' numbers, which i believe simply are stops.
He appears to cover ES, CL, and GC markets from what i could gather.

Sometimes, he would start shouting and yelling like a maniac, or play ridiculous music, so i had to turn the speakers off, and i might have missed a few informative and clarifying words from Mr. Ace ...

Overall, he left me confused with his trading. Sure, a chart or a DOM might have helped. I have to admit however, i was not fully focused due to the music and the shouting, making me turn to other things temporarily.
I've put markers on my chart according to some of the stuff that appeared in the text chat. If these were supposed to be entries then i would have been stopped out on quite a few of them (think he mentioned a 3-4 tick stop is what he uses).
Again, i don't mind giving him the benefit of the doubt, as i cant really say i fully understood what he was doing.
Sometimes, it appeared the trade would work, but then it was not clear to me where his target was.

I do visit trials occasionally "on the side" and i just dont have time or motivation to sit there and listen for 2-3 hours of a "radio show" full of banter. i lose my focus pretty quickly and that's simply why i could have missed the occasion where he might have explained what he is doing.
All i can say is, if i was to demonstrate the effectiveness of my system to a bunch of strangers i would make it a bit more clear what i am doing and why you should send over your cash to become a member.

There were a couple of the usual type red flags:
- No 1, bragging about how many points you'd made as his student / customer the last couple of days. That record was played multiple times....
- Then, making fun of everything else out there, indicators, rooms, etc. He had a blast making fun of esignal's built in indicators.
- he went to do some 'training' after he was done with trading. Well the "training" was just mostly about showing a table with inflated numbers about how much money is out there waiting for you to be grabbed....

Others have mentioned that he does not even have a contact address on his website. I looked at the website, and he actually has one. However, on google streetview it looks like a strip mall... lol

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