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I shared this thread over in ninja programming above with a friend who is rather upset. He has been told he no longer can get NT with current RCG broker(Was using a leased version, went on hiatus in july, now needs to start again, but terms seem to have changed), applied at dorman was not accepted by dorman. So pretty much can't use NT.

Here was his analysis on your current brokers:

fcxm is currency,
CLEAR is in Brazil,
Ameritrade does only stocks,
IB has been CUT TO STOCKS ONLY except for existing clients
MBtrading is STOCKS ONLY except for existing clients
GAIN CAPTIAL laughed when i asked about ninja? ah NO, only our own platform thank you

AMP explained they will be going to a private label program Q1 so writing is on the wall.

it appears as a futures trader who has developed a lot of code and WANTS to use ninjatrader, one has to move to Ninjabrokerage. But if Dorman won't accept an account, what other options are available?

In all fairness, the FCM or IB connected to this account may be not wanting to deal with NT anymore for their own reasons, but then that leaves these NT customers out in the cold.

As a developer, I just feel the limited broker/fcm support model moving forward will limit who wants third party options for ninjatrader. So why continue the development there.

Any plan to expand beyond Dorman?

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