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Thread from another sub continued

To be fair,
I found a post where you around July 1 state existing brokerages customer will be able to keep running ninjatrader.
Please clarify, as it appears this only applies if you had bought ninja. Many trader have used the direct or other options that are covered by their IB. It appears these options are going away as of today.

So if someone has been trading using the direct or other broker supplied version of ninja(where they paid each month), they have to switch brokers to continue using ninja as those partnerships are being dissolved?

So for the record, will Ninjatrader, moving forward, still be available for customers who don't own a license but were using a broker supplied license or direct version?

if not, would you allow those individuals to now purchase a lifetime ninja, and be grandfather as they had purchased it earlier?

I would suggest some clarification document on all this as I am being told I will need to move off ninja, hence my original post. Again not trying to start a fight, just confused on what next steps are.

and while I am asking what will be your relationship with RCG moving forward?


- Any client who has an active NinjaTrader license of any type prior to July 15th will have and always have access to those brokerage technologies we supported at that time --> Nothing has nor will be taken away from them so yes, they are grandfathered in
- No IB or FCM is being disabled today nor are any of our clients being forced to move today --> Please email to my attention at as I wish to learn more about who is disseminating this misinformation to you
- Clients prior to July 15th can broker through RCG, new clients can look here NinjaTrader Ecosystem | Broker Partners

Will services for new AMP Global ninja clients still be discontinued on March 15, 2015?



You clearly state that here:

New as in signing up after March 2015. I understand that current NT users will be supported beyond that if they use AMP currently.

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