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Denise Shull/Trader Psyches - Any opinions?

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sounds awful. IMO "trader psychology" is one step away from religious con man stuff.

This book is 10 bucks and all you would ever need to know on the subject
Thinking, Fast and Slow: Daniel Kahneman: 9780374533557: Books

Haa. Further to @DarkPoolTrading, I believe I can safely conclude you are so unaware of your own 'trading psychology' issues that you do need to do some work on yourself.

Forget 'Thinking Fast and Slow'. That's just another NYT bestseller pop psychology/science book ripping off others' research for a quick easy book. So many of them it shows how dumb our society has gotten.

My nomination for a $10 book that will help anyone tackle trading psychology and other issues is Mindfulness - An Eight Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World. Requires discipline and follow through after which you will begin to know yourself a lot better than you do now. Sincerely.

Ref Denise Shull book. I found it rather boring and uninspiring. Too shallow. Van Tharp has some good books although he has certainly gone off the rails lately and slipped into quasi-religious territory which is sad. The Mindfulness book is all you need really. plus a trading system of course.

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