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MarketReplayData.COM Has anyone used them??

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Wow.. that is freakin awesome @rleplae ...

I know how difficult it is to translate human decicion making to computer..

But wouldn't it be better to just have the computer do 'some of the heavy lifting' like showing you when you should be taking longs only , or shorts only..

and then you do the rest...

That would be a much easier project..

Because there you can apply your other skills for the trades..

I don't think that the big boys have gone that complicated... or else they wouldn't be able to do it.

I think that the financial markets are SIMPLER than people think... it is only that the big boys try VERY VERY HARD to obfuscate that fact and problem.

The big boys buy the living crap out of the market... and then they want it go up... then they have to spend the rest of the time sort of HIDING that fact... but in the mean time == that market is now in an UP Cycle where if you literally bought ANYWHERE in that market... give it 5 , 10 20 minutes or even several hours or days -- you can come back and your position will be in --Profit-- .

That right there is the absolute best way to trade really as far as I think..

because you have to be very careful with the whole making a ton of rules that you are not chasing a ficticious thing that you will never catch you know..

The big boys have to buy or sell a TON of CL or ES etc.. whatever every day.. they then spend the rest of the time making it look like they didn't buy.... then they buy again hard again and the market rushes up ( then people call that a trend - but it really is the final stage part of the trade... then the whole cycle starts over... I don't know if you can program all of that. You may end up chasing a "white rabbit" sort of speak and wasting a ton of time.

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