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Looking for a New Broker/Platform for my Needs: Help!

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Looking for a New Broker/Platform for my Needs: Help!

Currently Use: MB Trading and their MBT Desktop Pro platform to swing-trade small-caps and occasionally day-trade 3x ETF. Satisfied customer.

Why New Broker? I used to day-trade futures on MBT, but stopped when they segregated futures and equities accounts, and was too lazy to fund a separate futures account via check/wire since I only traded once or twice a week. I settled for trading the 3x Bear ETF. But now I'm looking to get back into trading futures, but I:

a) Don't want to keep all my money at MBT anymore. I want to diversify my money with another broker.
b) MBT no longer offers trading for Russell e-mini, and I would like to have access to it (I normally trade YM & TF).
c) MBT's data feed is only fair, and I'd like to explore better options.

What are my needs? My needs are relatively simple:

1) Good-looking, user-friendly candlestick charts with line tools. Do not require any studies, indicators, backtesting, scanners. The closer it looks or feels to eSignal or MBT Desktop Pro, the better. I prefer something that's user-friendly out-of-the-box like those two rather than something like Sierra Chart, which while extremely customizable, I got a headache trying to make it look and operate similar to my old platforms. Going to try out NinjaTrader tonight.

2) I don't do any special orders (OCO), just basic market, limit, stop market/limit orders. Don't need Market Depth, Level 1 is sufficient. My system is based off entering at the end of 2-min, 3-min, 5-min bars, so in terms of data feed, just need something that's fast and accurate, but I'm not following tick-by-tick.

3) With MBT, I would get the platform and data for free. Commissions would be $2.01/side for YM. I'm not a stickler for commissions, since I would only be trading once or twice a week (3-10 contracts) each trade.

Bottom line is that I just need a simple, low-cost solution where I can place 6 candlestick charts (2, 3, 5 min intervals) - with diagonal and horizontal lines - on my screens, with a couple of order entry windows for YM and TF, similar commissions (don't mind if slightly higher), and a fast/accurate/reliable data feed.

Any suggestions? I've looked into Minus/Ninja for their free Direct platform.

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