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Rithmic Trader tool?

schranzi9 View Post
Hi, I had a hope that ninjatrader can answers right my questions, they do it but wit a bad result:

"There is no other application to allow close orders when you lost the connection with ninja trader and continuum connection. We always recommend that you call the trade desk to manage your positions".


This means you MUST use Rhitmic as data feed to have a emergency option to close your open order with the Rithmic Trader tool. When you use CQG or Continuum it is your own problem that you can not close the open order when ninjatrader lost the server connection to CQG.

And that you can call the ninja trader trading desk will also not helpful when hundreds of traders do this at the same time like last Friday.

So using Rithmic can be the only solution for this ninjatrader connection problem? How long must be as trader a toy in the hand of the brokerage?

Regards Christian

Good morning,
sorry for you to read your statement.
I am using Rhitmic with Ninja and would like to know what "Rithmic Trader tool" do you talking about.
Can you tell me more ?


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