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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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Yepper, I bit the bullet on the software package. After studying and employing "Al Brooks Price Action" for four years, I can tell you first hand that less on a screen is better - BTTFT fills a screen mostly with non-essential lines, dots, etc. BTTFT needs a 30-day free-look like the gentleman in the F-16 trading room. The gentleman in charge of that room is not in favor of indicators as he tells you. However, with that as a back drop, he does use proprietary software to make his calls. After speaking with him, I know he possesses great experience as a person and professional trader. He is also keenly interested in the success of a trader. [And, I am not a relative of his . . :-)]

As Big Mike would say it, "No indicator will make a successful trader. It take lots of screen time." Moral: don't pay for fancy promises or enthusiastically presented software. If inclined to purchase, make certain you speak with at least two professional traders and review their actual trading accounts. If the vendor or the person interviewed does not answer all of your Q's, do not buy!

Serious note: As in the case of BTTFT, there were "discoveries on their website" that were not disclosed before I purchased. Full-disclosure should be extremely important!! Now, back to trading and best to all!!!

-Hey "Bob-Willie". I'm not sure what to make of what you said. If you're not happy with your purchase, or feel something with one of the behavioral analysis indicators isn't working properly I'd be happy to meet with you and resolve the issue - with a refund or by repairing whatever technical issues you're having. I have no records on file indicating any customers from Tennessee had an issue or a grievance. I'm not sure who you are - but I'm available all weekend if you want to call me and talk. As always there are also customers you can talk to - pre or post purchase, that can and are willing to help you make decisions. That always was, and continues to be a volunteer based resource.

Chart cleanliness is a great help in reducing psychological disparities and "self sabotage". Many traders will put as many as 10 indicators on their desktops believing "more is better". Often times, they'll choose to focus on the information that disagrees with their trading plan in a subconscious effort to sabotage themselves (mentally talk themselves out of a good trade). I know I used to do that all the time.

Most of the profitable trader's I've met have 3 or fewer indicators on their charts. I met one man, who trades CL with a 50 period SMA. I think people internalize the indicators they start out using...that is to say, they're able to "see" in their minds what the tool has taught them to see over time. Kind of like having a back brace that teaches you to use good posture, and then you develop muscle memory afterwards and always use good posture afterwards "naturally".

The guy who helped me learn to trade incorporated 3 important "qualifiers" that are relatively universal.

a. What is trend doing?
b. Where is the nearest support and resistance level?
c. Where does your signal stand in relation to (a) and (b)

If the market is moving up - support below you provides reassurance of an initial reaction. If you're using a floor trader's "PP" or a Fib cluster - there's an expectation of an impulse move away from s/r. The statistics bear out the reactions will be higher, and faster - with trend (something Gann pointed out frequently over a 100 years ago).

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Using opposite resistance levels can help deduce risk reward as well. If resistance is 10 ticks above you ,and support is 30 ticks below you - you have an inverted RR condition and should pass.

Over time, I expect to not have trend indicators on the screen. Right now, that fat blue line tells me "HEY STUPID, TREND IS UP". I need that reminder, which will one day be a subconscious determination.

Please send me a Private Message if you have any questions about BTTFT services
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