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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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Hello Traders,
I would like to hear from any of you that could have any previous experience as a subscriber to a Live Trading Room.

I spent nearly 3 years(!) in Barry Lutz' trading room Emini Day Trading - Emini Day Trading Video - Emini Day Trading Strategies , I think 2001 / 2 /3. I see he's still going - please bear in mind what follows is a testimony from my experiences over 7 years ago.

I never quite got there during that period - I'd now say I hadn't sufficiently resolved various psychological aspects of the trading puzzle (an ongoing process in my case) - although what I learned still totally informs the way I trade, even though what I do is much more basic and far less efffective. I still review his recorded webinars from time to time.

Barry posts his trades in real time (at least he used to) and is a master trader. I have met him personally and would certainly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to daytrade. Whether he fits an individual's needs or personality is up to the individual to discover. I have not communicated with Barry for many years, but as you can tell, I have the greatest of respect for him. He doesn't suffer fools gladly, but always did his utmost to try to assist sincere subscribers. Way back when, he used to post his daily results to his site - I think he stopped as he was criticised on places like Elite Trader by people who refused to believe someone could consistently make multiples of the daily range day in / day out.

I've written more than I intended and better stop before someone thinks he's paying me... and please remember, I didn't say it was easy...


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