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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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The whole idea of a trading room though is illogical. The online poker world has similar coaching websites like trading rooms but at least those make sense from a self interest standpoint of those who are coaching. The customer pays you money so you can help them move up to the stakes you are playing at, both sides benefit as the one doing the coaching has now increased the size of the economy they play at and the one buying the coaching is a better player.
In trading with only one level/stake and so many other avenues as far as managing OPM, the only logical reason to open a trading room is because you are sick of the volatility of trading itself and want a more steady cash flow. Which begs the question if you are really a good trader if you are sick of the volatility of trading...
Not to mention from the customer perspective, you are basically paying a lot of money to get knowingly front ran.

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