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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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The worst one I have been to was Puretick. I took up a trial and went in there to take a look. I watched the guy trying to buy a break out of a consolidation off the POC several times each time it failed, but he was claiming he got a break even, I couldn't see how he b/e, it looked like stop out to me .... anyway I would never try to buy off the POC like he was, even back then when I was still just a beginner.

So I tried to cancel the trial and make sure I didn't get billed, but they would not cancel it and everytime I tried they went through the same old sales crap about how they could offer me a good deal, half price etc etc etc.

In the end I had to put a freeze on my credit card to prevent further charges. After doing some searching around I see that I was not the only one to have this issue.

I still get their email marketing garbage, with no way to opt out of it automatically and they will not take me off the email list even after several polite requests.

Well I was seriously interested in Puretick, but having read your comments about them, I am staying well clear.Thanks for the heads up on these buggers.

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