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EOTPRO's "Flip a Coin" Webinar

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i like Bills Traders Radio Station ! -- but for shure thats also a very personal thing, to like someones style or not.

i am always happy with using some of their trail-days-offers and i always leave with having learned something or heard about something interesting.

for shure its also entertaining - we all know how boring a trading-day can be if nothing big is happening.
But beside all the entertainement , there are always basic trading-lessons + stuff to hear from Bill & Co - things you never can hear often enaugh - thats what makes it more worth than pure radioshow

iE yesterday - we had Tony from mirus futures in the room - Q&A session for useres with him + lots of deeper Questions from Bill to get a look behind the scene of Zenfire + mirus + brokerage itself - very interesting infos also for me.

about Bills trading : (speaking of the current signals/system now )
its clear defined signal - you get an exact entry-price plotted on the sreen when a signal appears - you can check / reproduce if its filled or not - follow it if it isnt too fast to get filled (shure it runs away sometimes - but then Bill isnt in too)
its possible to follow even if you dont have the indicators - just from the things you see in the room / on his screen ! That should been said.
complete ATMs are given - target - stop - trailing - you can reproduce if this signal is makeing profit or loss.

for shure there are reasons not to take every signal blindly - but its NOT suposed to be an auto-trade-system !

i dont trade the signals so i cant tell you if its making bucks or not at the end - but its 100%
transparent + everybody is able to follow it - cause its defined.
for me its a fair place for that part.

But for newbies or new-to-EOT-trading-folks also should been said : one week is nothing to get all things the guys are talking about in such a room , to get the lingo + understand all thats going on there.

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