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EOTPRO's "Flip a Coin" Webinar

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I try to avoid advertising commercial stuff because I don't want people to think I am affiliated (which I'm not), but this particular email that I received today from EOT caught my eye.

Here is the gist of the email:

The link they give to register:
EOTPRO Free trials

I found it interesting because EOT sells indicators, but they also sell a room and a neural network trading system. I've always thought that Bill was a good trader, and that the EOT room is a good place for beginners to learn a great deal. While I probably won't attend the webinar, I'm curious if anyone else will and what they will take away from it.

You guys know my opinions already: the more naked the chart, the better (no indicators). And don't rely on automation to make money.


I am disappointed about where EOT is going. I have known Bill for a few years, and traded with him years ago when he had just started EOT. Since then I have seen him move further and further away from real price action trading into first a bunch of indicators, then trimmed down indicators, then automation...and now neural net mojo.
Last time I attended his trade room I asked why he did not use the chart traders or show the dom...he ignored my questions. How anyone can follow someone who says I am in a trade 3 ticks later is beyond me...I prefer a moderator who says where he is going to take the next trade, where the stop is, the target, and actually shows the orders either on the chart or on the dom.
The room is more of a sales room, with Bill trading for entertainment. Bills Talk Trade Radio...well...at least there is not a buzzer going off causing my dog to start salivating every time there is supposed to be a trade.

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