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Does anyone else use continuum and not have absent data for 7/18?

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NT platform/broker

I connected to continuum and noticed there is no RTH data for the front months of GC, CL, 6E, ZN and ZB. I posted on NT's support forum and was told the data for ALL 5 instruments was absent, but they would hope for it to be up by this weekend. Kinetick EOD did not alter the result.

This is unacceptable.

If I purchase a kinetick feed or IQfeed subscription, it will cost >200$/month for all those exchanges. If I change brokers to global and get the CQG feed they offer, will I still have to go to the NT forum if the same thing occurs?

Also, would someone more experienced please help me understand the architecture of the data feed/order routing situation? So continuum routes my orders plus conveys data? If so, then why is the NT rep saying his servers do not have the data for 7/18 when it should be on the continuum servers?

THanks so much in advance.


i use continuum (for order routing)
and IQ feed for my data (because i use OFA and i like the back-fill with babar, so my computer does not need to run all night for the gomi tools to be feed )

i have an exchange fee waiver in place, the data for those exchanges does not cost 200$ to me
maybe this can help you ?

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