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1. What guaranteed timeline (if any) do you put on raising commissions? Is this an "introductory offer" and you intend to raise the commission rates once you have secured a critical mass of ninjatrader platform traders from other competitor brokerages?

This is not an introductory offer and we have no plans to raise our commissions.

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2. How much due diligence did you do on Mirus? Was there anything we need to be concerned about?

We retained both legal and accounting professionals to perform in-depth audits of Mirus Futures. This was an arduous process that spanned several months and in the end, there was nothing to be concerned about allowing us to conclude the deal.

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3. Did you do background checks on key Mirus staff that transferred into key positions within the NinjaTrader brokerage? Are the Mirus transferees responding well to adopting the culture of Ninjatrader?

Background checks are required by NFA, so this was completed for all registered brokerage staff. The integration and adoption of the NinjaTrader culture has been going very well.

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I'd like to avoid the inconvenience of opening an account at NinjaTrader brokerage only to find the typical dreadful customer service offered by most privately owned futures brokers.

While there were some initial delays in account openings due to the sheer volume of applications after we launched NinjaTrader Brokerage, we remain very focused on delivering the same high-level of customer service clients have come to expect from NinjaTrader.

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3. How comfortable are you with Dorman? Are you intending to make a change?

We have had a relationship with Dorman for nearly a decade and they have been a good partner to both Mirus and NinjaTrader during that time. However, we understand the importance of having multiple FCM options and are working on plans to enable that offering.

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4. Do you intend to incorporate prop trading into the brokerage?


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5. What, if any additional risk management mechanisms do you intend to put in place to further protect the traders/customers of NinjaTrader brokerage?

Managing risk is a critical component of a brokerage operation and we take this seriously. Our ISV partners have built in risk management tools we use in conjunction with our FCM providing a dual layer of risk protection. We intend to complement these tools with internally developed applications that are customized to our processes providing an additional third layer of risk management.

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