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It's a bit sad to see what the retail futures industry has come to... definitely smells like a monopoly in the making, but I am unconvinced that 'force' is the best route. I think it's much more organic if it's a matter of survival of the fittest -- that is, let "all" the brokers offer Ninja, just as before. Ultimately, if NinjaTraderBrokerage is the best, they would win out anyway... it would just be a matter of time. However, based on how Matt's company (Optimus via Vision Financial Markets) was just booted, along with DeepDiscountTrading and others, it's definitely sad. Clients didn't deserve this -- we should always have a choice. I understand old clients are unaffected, but there shouldn't be this type of discrimination between new vs. old clients. We're all Ninja clients and for a good reason -- it's a good charting and simple-to-use platform that has earned high marks. Forbidding competition isn't kosher, in my opinion, but we all have a choice: to keep using NT or to switch platforms. In this specific case, I prefer to use a different platform after seeing the unjustified actions taken against my favorite broker Optimus. I also have an AMP account and understand that they will be affected too come March 2015 unless NinjaTrader reconsiders. Also a bit bizarre, considering AMP and its IB Global Futures is perhaps their biggest source of customers. It's indeed like Amazon, as someone noted here earlier, but at least Amazon sells the Kindle in retail stores such as BestBuy. By the look of things, within a year, Ninja will only be available in 1 place -- is this a prudent business decision? I have my doubts, but time will tell.

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