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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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Well, I just bit the bullet and am now trying to learn this system. Ron, the daily web-instructor does an excellent job, extremely patient, and speaks as he has actually traded before. He is a more mature businessman and knows the Flux system backwards and forwards. Not sure about the younger Michael, if he trades or not. He is the salesman part of their business. Now the system itself is "ghz" hungry; otherwise, you are talking s-l-o-w chart reactions. I had to get additional RAM for my 2.8 ghz 6-core. I may break for a new 5i or better. Have to say, I've seen some terrific signals by looking back with the software 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks and then analyzing what the signals mean on the day of trading. They need a trial period though. The thought of dropping a couple of thousand bucks for more signals should allow one some hands on time. Michael is a bit sales-pushy - "you'll get this 'IF' you get onboard now", and lacks Ron's patience. Once the purchase is made and you are inside the website, with password, etc., you will find that "other" indicators are there for a price. Monthly leases run an additional $195.00 for a special grouping of indicators, and there are some indicators that can be singularly purchased. Every trader knows that you cannot offer your bank-account to an indicator without confirmation of other items on our lists. Flux gives plenty of signals depending on how you configure your charts. Al Brooks price action course is an excellent learning tool to compliment Flux. I am looking hard everyday at this system and will be glad to post my outcomes as they develop. One gent on the Big Mike team has already enjoyed good success with an NG trade. Look at his chart. Congrats on that trade, sir. I'd like to have an actual chat room develop to share results and learning experiences with the Flux. With so many moving parts to it, I'd like to speak with someone who has narrowed down the use of Flux-tools. More later . . .

Interesting observation about the vendors. I got the flux about 5 yrs ago. Michael was obviously the suit and Ron was a trader with or without the flux.. Seems like even with good tools and guidance Michael is still just the suit and cannot trade. The lesson is (myself included) if u dont have basic trading talent, no tools will make u successful in this business if u really have no talent, at least none I have seen so far.

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