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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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Let's not replace one form of advertising with another. Better to keep vendor promotional material in a single place under a organized review thread.

Someone that only posts after-the-fact screenshots and talks about win percentages and profit, but not losses, risk, and expectancy, is not writing a journal worth reading anyway.


Hi Mike ... in the spirit of trying to encourage and promote information that can assist other traders, I was attempting to illustrate how I use the software to assist my decision process. Not sure why you were not more welcoming from the start, and decided to take a hostile approach, versus asking politely for further clarification, or more detail, which I'd be happy to provide?

Certainly I encounter losses, and of course losses are a part (essential actually) of the trading landscape. I'd be happy to post those charts if you would like to see them. I do manage my risk. That is the key to this game versus the "signal." I typically risk $200-300/contract traded depending on the entry of the trade into the system I trade, and the instrument traded. I know my entry and exits before entering the trade. If the trade is a swing-trade (30-60 minute chart trade), the stop has to be increased by 2.5 - 3x the amounts mentioned (depending on the instrument traded & placement of the entry). As far as expectancy, I am a discretionary trader, and use the FLUX TCMs as one component to the decision process to execute a trade, or terminate a trade, in the overall system. Therefore specifically, I would not define outcome expectancy on this software as a stand alone. I would not use this software as a stand alone to decide to enter a trade, but that is just my trading style and personality.

It was an immensely useful component to trading Crude today on the short side for great profits. Again, it was used as a tool in combination with my system that helped stacked the odds in my favor. And that's what this game is all about--stacking the odds in your favor, while at the same time accepting the risk that you could be 100% wrong.

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