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chattanooga, tn
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I attended three of the 1 - 2 hour webinars last week. The 1st one was on the ES. The moderator placed one trade for a 1 point profit. The 2nd day was on the 6E. The moderator placed a trade and the trade was never talked about again. It was a loser. All the moderator talked about till the end was her current winning trades and the usual promo stuff. I texted the moderator about the status of the trade and never a got an answer. The 3rd day was on the ES and was the same moderator as the 1st day. He took five trades which netted out for 1 point profit, not including all the commissions. Based on the results I for one wouldn't be buying this method. Also the webinar had the ES moderator on camara while he was speaking but it was turned off while taking the trades. Interesting!

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