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Why Eliminate a Solid Brokerage Choice?

I know that some people hold the opinion that Introducing Brokers provide little value other than being a middle-man for a clearing firm and for pumping up whatever software vendor happens to come their way next. The sad truth is that for many Introducing Brokers this is the case.

The reason Im posting this is because my experience with my Optimus was the opposite! They have far exceeded my expectations with every interaction. Yes, my commissions may be a $0.50 more, but the guidance, insight, and support they have provided along the way has been worth the premium!

Your mileage of course may vary, and everybody has a different need in a broker, but for me it was someone that was familiar with the industry, the software choices, the back-end routing and data choices, and an oh $#@& number in case I panicked and needed assistance.

Im very disappointed with the fact that NinjaTrader will not be an option for Optimus customers in the future. They have been partners with both NinjaTrader & Rithmic for years. Im impressed with all of the resources (videos, posts, etc) theyve put up help new NinjaTrader users like me find their way. My broker has also personally provided me several 1 on 1 sessions when I had questions about NinjaTrader.

The other thing Optimus has done for me has been a voice of knowledge and independence. Since they offered many different platforms & brokerage routing technologies, they knew the features, strengths & deficiencies, as well as how different platforms achieved the same end goal with different approaches and worked with me to see which was the better fit for myself.

I commend Ray Deux for stepping up to the plate to clean up the industry. I just wonder what is left for those Introducing Brokers like Optimus who have provided value for NinjaTrader users and could provide value for future NinjaTrader users?

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