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@liquidcci This whole Vision Finanical, AMP and Rithmic debacle has gotten me interested in this field.

There's an independent introducing brokerage, Pine Point Commodities Group, that has only taken professional prop firms and hedge funds as its clients up till today. I made a call to them today and on my request, they have decided that they are happy to take up retail clients to solve the shortage of Rithmic access. They will be able to provide:

1. Execution via Rithmic (with NinjaTrader) will be supported with Crossland as the clearing firm.
2. Support for TT, CQG, CTS/T4, Patsystems and Orc Trader.
3. Market access for options and FX.
4. Because of their large volume customers and cost economies, their rates are very low, but I'm not familiar with what they're planning to offer to retail.
5. Colocation and hosting for automated clients, at least 200-300 micros faster to CME access than any server at Steadfast.

For full disclosure, I know all of Pine Point's owners personally and I've been to their office next to the CBOT building. I have no material participation in their businesses so I've nothing to gain out of this, but I hope to help a few people out especially from the Vision fallout. Scott Murley has helped various prop groups and hedge funds raise capital from funds of funds and launch off, including mine - in particular with the process and setup of a full CME/CBOT/NYMEX/COMEX equity member firm. Pete Striebel used to run his own options book but is now mainly involved in HedgeACT, an administration platform and database for alternative investments and hedge funds. Rob Evans formerly ran a HFT operation in spot FX and is very familiar with the space. One of the owners of Pine Point also heads Credit Suisse in Chicago and sits on the board of directors of the Princeton University Investment Company, but prefers not to be publicly known. Scott can be reached at Just say his friend from Harvard introduced you.

@Big Mike Not sure if this meets your vendor policy.

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