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@NinjaTrader it looks like on your site the only broker that offers rithmic going forward is AMP. So will there only be one brokerage choice for new NT clients that want to use rithmic with NT? If so why in the world would you set this up where users of rithmic only have one choice? Is it to eventually force everyone to the Continuum feed?

I also noticed even when going to AMP page via NT ecosystem page it highlights CQG connection. Is NT squeezing out ability to use rithmic unless you are in a grandfathered broker who was left out of the NT ecosystem? In other words is will even AMP be able to offer a rithmic connection with NT or will it be CQG only?

If so this also takes away ability for current users to switch to another broker other than AMP if want to stay with rithmic. i am not a fan of AMP and this severely limits choice. When I bought my lifetime license I bought it predicated on fact NT offered many broker and connection choices. You taking choices away is not what I bought into.

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