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I actually just left my account with Dorman after having had the worst experience I've yet had in trading with them, wouldn't go near them with a 10 foot pole. Two separate statement errors in the same 1 week or so period, both showing me as holding a position overnight when in fact I was not, and one of which led to a 15 point loss on my end after not realizing the position reporting was inaccurate due to their statement error. No overnight trade desk (I see Ninja is offering that, but I don't know how that works if the FCM itself has no one there 24 hours), and terrible margins -- I'm talking 50-70% on many contracts. The intraday margin I had on NG for example was $2000, when current overnight is $3080. Maybe Ninja accounts will get a better margin policy, but that's not what I had during my time with them. I'm certainly hoping this is a positive change as a lifetime Ninja license holder, but I really don't like the brokerage options being limited for new customers going forward, or that Ninja is vertically integrating as others have said.

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