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@NinjaTrader can you answer question below.

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@NinjaTrader so what is the plan to keep this from hurting your long standing brokerage partners who have marketed and supported your platform? It is hard for me to believe this will not lead to a very few if any brokerages being able to stay with your platform longterm. You now hold all the cards for new customers which imo will effectively kill off your partners which I guess can't really be called partners anymore. This concerns me because I for one in order too use NT do not want to be forced to use your brokerage solution. I have invested heavily in NT not just with a lifetime license but years of strat development. Promise of a better commission now just does not impress me leading to a potential brokerage monopoly to use the NT platform. Choice of brokers etc.... is something many find attractive to the NT platform. Maybe we still have choice now but if brokers can't compete against you because you own infrastructure that will change.

My hope is this will lead to better platforms than NT being developed that are not trying to lock up the ecosystem so to speak that will directly compete with NT. For now I am locked in with NT but guarantee if right platform comes up I will consider switching.

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