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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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I am sure you can see how you are coming across despite your intentions. First, you post charts, all of which are predominantly marked up by Rios tools, but you highlight the efficacy of flux. Then you quote flux accuracy like talking points straight out of their webinars even though you don't use them as standalone signals.
Folks would be interested to know that even though you have proven flux to be 70% accurate but you don't use them because you have your own combination that gives you 80%, 90% accuracy???
Please make sure you get a deep discount from Michael soon, regardless of your affiliation.

My intentions are to help other traders be better traders. Some of you might consider being less judgmental and condescending---you might learn something new--not just about trading, but yourselves. Unfounded suspicions and accusations actually say a lot about your own projections, and perhaps play into your trading decisions?

If I run across a great thing, and it works for me, I'll pass it along to others. I thought that was the purpose of this website and thread. I'd also give Rios Quantitative a similar "two thumbs-up" great review. Joe Rios, the founder, is a friend and has an exceptional track record and reputation in the financial & trading community. He's a great person, and humble. We've exchanged trading ideas back and forth nearly every trading day for the past two years. And guess what, I have no affiliation with Rios Quantitative except being a member. If you really want to learn something, watch this interview with Joe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOx0mC4Ie5M

All of those "marked-up Rios charts" were marked up by me to try and demonstrate how components of the system appear visually. They are marked up because they are posted for others to view. The only elements not marked up are the Gnos levels, accelerator prints, channels, the TCMs, and the candles. If you would take the time to reread what I wrote, look more closely at the charts, and do some homework, maybe you can put 2 + 2 together a little better, and see a clearer picture.

What more to say? I'm having a great trading week with my system: the Rios Gnos levels and the Flux TCMs. Seventeen trades: 14 winners, 3 losers for $7,181.88 after commissions, trading 2 contracts (one trade 3 with the YM). I follow my rules, feel good about my market selection using a quant approach & my money management!

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