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"The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything."
-Theodore Roosevelt

Show me one trader who is still using the same EMA or any other indicator for last 10 years or even 2 years..

We evolve and learn and and keep learning.

We come to this forum to learn and share... I wish we were where you are in your trading and being successful ...i am still learning and gaining all i can

I share my experience and yes there are many who promised the Moon and couldn't deliver even dust.


I wish you all the best trading has to offer and my comments are in keeping with this sentiment.
First, do all the people get their money back when they bought his program that used to peddle price bounces off 3 different moving averages, regardless of whether the market was coming of off accumulation or at the top of the third wave? Why does anyone get to charge for expertise when they are not much better than the Ďstudentsí in his room? How good a teacher can one be when people in his room are simming for years and no better off? Why havenít you become a professional trader (or atleast not need the handholding anymore) from the great pitchfork sessions that you were exposed to a year ago?
Now for the people who are not changing chart templates every 3-6 months: Al Brooks, DB, Askar, and thatís just 3 names from this site alone. I can give a dozen more names but they donít need the publicity.
Its not about not making mistakes, its about repeating them thats at question here.

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