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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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BTTFT Michael View Post

This week, I admittedly lost my mind.

With regards to my definition of the word "hacked", I am inferring that people in the upload section post indicators that mimic identically what was developed by a 3rd party. I went back to find specific examples of ones I had seen uploaded....files that even other members had commented on saying, "Whoa budddy, those look like such and such's indicators...you shouldn't have posted that here". Indicators like Raghee's mahTrendGraber in a download section. If Raghee, the original developer, didn't upload it, why was it there with no credit given back to her? Others were there, but I can't find them now. A fast search showed however the indicator with the phrase "Blue Wave" in it, alluding to the Blue Wave Trading company. ?


@BTTFT Michael,

I just saw your post reading @Big Mike's response to you. I don't know who you are, what you sell, or what your gripe is about, but apparently as you admit you may have lost your mind to accuse others of hacking. I assume your whatever indicator that you are selling is 100% original. @Big Mike has done a great job here so far to expose and boot out snake oils, his record show that.

For your information, Ragee's chart setup is no secret and she has presented it publically in Futures and Forex Expos and described it fully. The indicator mahTrendGraber in futures.io (formerly BMT) downloads was written for this setup for NinjaTrader when it was not available for NT. Since then, at least one "Legit Vendor" has hacked this mah NT version and selling it as part of a package.

You did not even bothered to read what was written for description of the indicator in download section that gives full credit to Ragee Horner for the concept. Here is your chance to read it again at this link so that you don't jump to conclusion again, the very same thing you are complaining about:


And here is the description submitted with the indicator:

"I wrote this indicator based on a chart setup used by Raghee Horner for trading currency pairs but it can be applied to any instrument. So, credit for the idea goes to Ms. Horner.

Although this indicator is very simple, it is very powerful when used correctly. The indicator is a trend following setup that will keep one out of choppy markets and on the right side of the trend.

It is helpful to watch one of Raghee's seminars on IBFX to understand how this indicator is applied.


Added on October 10, 2011:

Here is a link to free Raghee Horner's eBook on this setup.


Added on November 2, 2011

When I see Raghee in a couple of weeks in Traders' Expo in Las Vegas I will discuss specifics of this setup and report back.

Also, will tell her that "Tiberius" said" You didn't tell me that Raghee was so good looking. Because she is."

Added on November 6, 2011
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