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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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Flux tools

Let me share my experience with Back to the Future Trading. I purchased their Flux Professional Package back in February 2013. I vividly remember buying it and getting it installed on a Monday. On Wednesday of that same week I started getting severe abdomen pains. Ultimately I had to go to the doctor and long story short, I was eventually diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). A few weeks later when I was in the hospital and the whirl wind began to settle down a little bit, my thoughts went to the software I had just purchased. When I bought the software it was my understanding that there was a time limit on how long I had to take advantage of some of the training opportunities. It sickened me that I had just spent a chunk of money and did not even get a chance to get into it. I had my wife e-mail the people at Back to the Future Trading and explain the situation to them. I asked her to see if they would be willing to stop the clock on my training time frame so that it would not just run out while I was unable to take advantage of it. They promptly answered back with a very sincere and heartwarming message. They were more than willing to grant my request and also promised to keep me in their thoughts and prayers. When my wife read me their response it truly touched me and made me feel good. Fast forwarding, I have survived, the cancer is in remission, and I am doing very well at recovering.

Now that I have the energy, I am getting the chance to learn and use the software. I first learned of Back to the Future Trading thru another company called MtPredictor. I have owned and used MtPredictor software for many years. I learned that other MtPredictor customer's were also using Back to the Future Trading Flux tools and they said that the two systems complemented each other very well. MtPredictor has strengths in price and pattern and the Flux tools have strengths in time. So when I combine both tools (each engineered from a completely different perspective) and they both agree with each other, then I find those signals to be very powerful. I have been very happy with my purchase.

I will admit that Back to the Future Trading has a large number of tools (some of which I have yet to look at) and it can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating. There is a learning curve involved, but their support and willingness to help is outstanding. I have found that they are not just providing their customers with a cookie cutter trading system and saying "trade my system exactly like I do." Instead, they are providing tools, teaching the intent of the tools, and allowing the customer to apply it whatever way works best for them. It is true that you cannot just blindly trade every signal that the Flux Time Cycle Marker generates, but they do not teach that you should trade that way either. Like any other indicator or tool it must be used properly to generate good results.

I mentioned earlier that the strength of the Flux tools was time, but in order to be fair I must also say that they have some powerful price tools as well. I had just not focused on that part of it to start with because I owned MtPredictor. As I learn the Flux tools better I am starting to see good trading opportunities using just their tools. At the beginning of April of this year Back to the Future Trading held a training conference in Las Vegas. Because that is fairly close to my home I chose to attend and I am very glad that I did. First, I had the chance to meet the people in person who had been so kind to me and treated me so well (Michael, Ron, and Rachel). Second, I was introduced to 2 of their newest tools, the Flux Time Zones, and the Flux Daily Cycle Markers. I am loving both of these tools and see great promise for them. I am still learning them and have not used them with live money yet, but I will admit that is my fault. My energy levels are still very low and I do not get to dedicate as much time as I would like, hence it takes me longer to get things done.

In summary, I just wanted to state that I for one have been very happy with my purchase of the Flux tools from Back to the Future Trading. My experience with them shows me that they are good, honest, decent people who care a great deal about their customers. My trading has improved because of my association with them. Thank you Michael, Ron, and Rachel for everything you have done for me!

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