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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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I bought the Flux pro package with all the tools.
I spent many hours watching their videos and watching Ron in the live training room. I followed their “How to develop a trading strategy” course. After a few months, I was very familiar with their tools.

I developed some strategies using their tools but none were profitable enough to use live. I implemented one of Michael Lydick's strategies verbatim as he described in his "Trade Like a Pro" Webinar. The results were nowhere near what he showed. My TCM markers appeared in the same place as his. I questioned him several times to make sure that my implementation was the same as his. He never answered my questions and always said that he was too busy and would get back to me next week. After several rounds of this week after week i gave up. It was very clear to me that he was avoiding the issue and that he was not willing to backup what he claimed in his webinar. As a Flux customer who has paid several thousands, I was not happy at all with the support from him.

I thought that I could get a better insight by signing up for the Maldonaldo Live trade room. I found that he tried to use the Flux indicators for his setups but never had success with them. He had successful trades but they came from new setups using non-Flux tools.

The Flux runs best on a 1 minute timeframe and although it does find times during the day when the market moves in a direction, that move is actually quite small and, after comissions, not really worth the risk for the small reward.

Hope this helps.

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