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Anybody heard of topsteptrader (review)

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a combine is only "rolled" without new withdrawel if you are a almost "ready" trader

In my understanding a combine can only be "rolled" without new "deposit" if you have no loss on any traded underlyings, that means if you have a total loss of 100 $ on NQ and a profit of 1000$ on YM and you fullfilled all other "rules" (Overall Winning Day percentage of 55 or greater + Largest Losing Day will not hit or exceed Daily Loss Limit + Account Balance will not hit or exceed Trailing Max Drawdown) you will not be rolled even if your total profit is 900 $.

You will have to send new "deposit" because of "Rule not met Average Net P&L greater than $0 for each product traded".

Only to clarify, I think that means that you have to be a almost "ready" trader because you have to make a positive result on any traded product in 10 days - in my opinion best you take only advantages in one product or at the middle of a combine you trade only on negative products "making them positive again" to keep your combine "roll-able".

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